The HGP adventure continues! Through this website, I have connected with the descendant of HGP’s boon companion in Paris during the 1870s and thereafter, until the end of his life, Calvin Rae Smith. Smith’s great grandson, Thomas Pratt, was researching CRS and came across this website. HGP mentions and sketches Smith often in his Paris letters and we know that he made a trip in the summer of 1909 to Smith’s Vermont/Lake Champlain vacation home, still owned by the descendants. Two lake paintings, at least one drawing, and photographs record this vacation. Tom Pratt and I are fellow Cornell grads and were even on campus at the same time!!! Very cool. I’ve been able to help Tom with info and images on CRS, which is very rewarding. HGP and CRS both taught art after returning from Paris, HGP at Cooper Union and CRS at CCNY.